The multifaceted & consistent path to your goal

Hi, I am Kristina Müller

… a self employed Agile Transition & Leadership Coach.

I have over five years of experience in the agile context as a business psychologist (B.Sc.) and as a systemic consultant. My business is accompanying businesses on the way to more agility. I cover every aspect here: from C-level to employee level, from corporates to start-ups, from the beginning of agility right up to enterprise and advanced agile. As every organization is highly individual with regards to business, purpose, goals, culture, history, working methods, etc., an integral perspective is essential to me when working on solutions with customers.

The promotion of new talent is important to me. And this is why I am very involved in the Berlin agile community and lecture at the Harz University of Applied Sciences in the business psychology Bachelor degree program.

As a process supporter and sparring partner, I accompany and challenge companies and teams in (agile) change processes with all my experience and expertise, and support the sustainable establishment of agile processes

I recharge my batteries after work with my horse, Poldimir. To me, he is a source of energy, a sporting partner and my absolute favorite colleague for horse-assisted coaching.

Significant aspects of my work

We impart skills and knowledge using the tandem principle. As an external party, we work closely with internal organization-developing roles: managerial boards, HR departments, management, lateral management roles, »Techies« and others. We normally develop concepts through co-creation with client employees.

Through our careers, our deep-rooted conviction, and the pleasure we have forming contacts with a colourful mix of people, we have access to a large and diverse network. We have a widespread support system based on knowledge, experience and specialization, which we also make available to our clients. We consider internal networking with clients an additional part of this network.

Our experience has shown that there is a lot of potential here that is often not known and or exploited.

The requirements and the task focus often undergo changes during consultation processes. Because of this, we regularly check with the client that we are still heading in the right direction.

Each company, each team, each individual is different. They all have their own histories, cultures and needs.  We take this into account by carrying out an analysis during mandate clarification in order to provide a tailored consultation process.

We can look back at a broad field of experience. This means we can provide specific support, both with expert advice and as a »leader«. However, we always want to leave something tangible and sustainably empower companies to do things themselves. This is why we see ourselves more in the role of a coach and trainer.

We are often on site a lot at the start of a consultation process. Over time, we withdraw successively to promote sustainability. Companies gain the experience in this way that they can also implement and maintain things over the long term independently of their coach. Where appropriate, only very little correction and supervision takes place later on in the process.

Consultancy in our eyes is primarily a process that we follow together with our clients. Here, we blend our experience with our strengths in dealing with individuality and the creation of individual solutions.

I work across all sectors

… when it is about initiating and further developing agile processes in a company. My clients include:

  • Banks, financial & insurance service providers
  • E-commerce companies
  • Automotive industry companies
  • Internet businesses
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Further education institutes
  • Companies applying agile to non-technical areas

What others say about me:

»Kristina unites the most different types of characters and professions in cross-functional teams with her appreciative attitude and creates space for creativity and open exchanges.«

»She is a very intelligent person with a wide range of interests, and she is happy to share her knowledge with others, actively using and varying her toolbox contents. And, as she likes to emphasise: If you travel with a suitcase, nothing gets stuck in drawers.‹«

»As a pragmatic and dynamic doer, she always has the overall strategy of the organisation in her sights. This allows her to help her clients master challenges in all areas and she finds specific solutions for diverse problems.«

»Kristina rapidly builds up contact and trust with other people through her kind and infectiously optimistic attitude.«

»When you start to talk, everything will be OK. You don’t need to cover your back with PowerPoint or the like.«